It has been recognised for some time now that fossil fuels, such as oil, gas, and coal, are becoming increasingly scarce as we are depleting resources. These fuels are also harmful to the environment, all the while increasing our reliance on major companies and probably authoritarian governments, as they demand enormous power plants and distribution grids. 

As we can see from a consequence of these size-related factors, only first-world companies can implement adequate worldwide power supplies. 

Environmentally-friendly and an equal supply of energy for the generations to come can only be assured if we start using renewable energy sources.  

Nuclear power – a dangerous, expensive, and finite resource – is a distant second place when it comes to preserving our climate.

The benefits of energy from the sun are “As clear as day.” 

The main raw materials needed to harness solar power – sunlight and sand – are in plentiful supply. This means that solar power will soon exceed conventional sources in cost-effectiveness. Like steam trains, cars, and computers in other eras, solar energy can become the defining technology of our age, triggering a fresh economic upturn. 

Solar energy has no disadvantages. 

Fuel or electricity grids are not required for solar energy, making it perfect for the private, local, environmentally-friendly, and fair supply of electricity, than can be available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Germany is home to many of the experts in this vital technology for the future. 

Solar cells are the essential elements in each solar module that is fitted to a roof. 

Solar Cells are the key components of creating each solar module. 

Each cell is manufactured to a state where it already houses all of the technical characteristics needed to generate electricity from the sun. 

Light radiation releases positive and negative charges, resulting in constant electrical current (DC) flow as long as the sun is out. 


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