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Solar Solutions 
D & J Roofing and Solar installers supply and fit a wide range of solar panels. No matter the situation we will be able to professionally design you a system. 
Solar Panels 
If you want to benefit from solar energy but are not re-roofing, then using a conventional solar panel offers the cheapest solution…MORE >> 
Solar Slates and Tiles 
If you are re-roofing or need to maintain the look of your roof/property and want to integrate solar electric technology, our solar tiles and slates are the perfect solution…MORE >> 
Mounting solutions 
We use 2 different types of flat roof system. One sitting on top of the roof with ballasts and the other fixed to the roof… MORE >> 
A Solar inverter or PV inverter is a type of electrical inverter that is made to change the direct current (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) for use with home appliances and possibly a utility grid… MORE >> 
Total Power’s Energy Management System 
The Total Power Energy Management System is designed to help you make the most out of the energy that you generate from your renewable energy source. It is the only product in the UK’s (which has been designed for the domestic market) that will do this. It will pay for itself by allowing you to benefit from all of the excess power that you generate… MORE >> 
Quotation Pack 
When you have decided you would like Solar PV installed, and you have booked in for our friendly estimator to come to your property, the next step… MORE >> 
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