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Solar Solutions 

SolarWorld Solar Panels 

D & J Roofing and Solar are accredited partners to SolarWorld and install their products throughout South East England, including Greater London, Kent, Surrey & Essex. 
Watch the SolarWorld product Video for more information on just how good this product is. 
Get paid for generating electricity 
Now is the best time to go solar, 
A typical 3 bedroom house can earn round £400 a year generating and exporting its own solar electricity (based on a 3 kwp system). 
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Solar Panels 
D & J Roofing and Solar supply and fit a wide range of solar panels.  
If you want to benefit from solar energy but are not re-roofing, then using a conventional solar panel offers the cheapest solution. 
We can also offer a fully integrated system, which is aestetically pleasing and helps to keep the character of your property. 
We can create a design to fit your roof style, giving you the maximum performance.  
We can install solar panels onto all types of roof, flat roofs, pitched roofs, commercial roofs, out buildings and ground mounted. 
Our suppliers offer linear performance guarantees of 25-30years, and they require no on-roof maintenance or servicing. 
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