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The Suntrol Internet portal provides system operators with an overview of all their performance data on a PC or smartphone at all times. Moreover, the monthly and annual yields are recorded and graphically evaluated. And if you use an electronic domestic supply meter, there is an added option for displaying your own energy consumption. This provides a precise overview of how much of your own electricity you have consumed and when, as well as tips on how to increase this amount. 
Efficient yield monitoring helps to quickly detect possible deviations and remedy their causes. This enables your customers to recognize any system errors before they receive their bill. 

Suntrol Emanager 

The Suntrol eManager is the SolarWorld system for monitoring and intelligent distribution of energy in the home. With the Suntrol eManager, users can see at any time how much power their solar power system is producing or how much energy is required in the house. The eManager hardware is inconspicuously installed in the house distribution box. All data can be viewed online via the Suntrol Portal by means of PC, tablet or smart phone, and in the internal home network. Additional elements can be retrofitted individually and the application range of eManager can be extended with a variety of apps. 
Particularly clever: If you connect your heat pump to the Suntrol eManager, you can also utilise cost-effective solar power for heating and increase the amount of power you use yourself. So you can look forward to increased independence and lower electricity costs. 

Suntrole Mobile 

How much electricity have you produced today? How much are you earning for the electricity you have fed in? And what is your CO2 savings? 
Suntrol mobile enables you to keep an eye on your current performance data and earnings for your solar power system – any time and anywhere. Moreover, in addition to your own data, you can also access other publically viewable solar power systems. 
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