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All-inclusive Kits 

With SolarWorld kits, you’ll receive special all-inclusive service. The kits contain all components required for constructing and operating a solar power system. They can be adapted to any environment and are perfectly matched to local roof or ground parameters. SolarWorld kits are perfectly planned in advance and assembled according to the latest standards. This saves time during the preparation and installation. 

SolarWorlds Kit Easy 

With the SolarWorld Kit easy, you receive all pitched roof system components assembled on one pallet: high quality modules, the mounting system, cables and accessories, plus an optionally available inverter including integrated data logger and power management. The cleverly designed packaging makes it easy to handle the components at the construction site. The Kit easy also comes with the the Sunpass and the optional two-year free system insurance. The system is available in four sizes: 3 kWp, 4 kWp, 5 kWp and 6 kWp. 
We offer the Kit easy in the following versions: 
Kit easy – with the proven Sunmodule Plus poly 
Kit easy mono black – with the aesthetic Sunmodule Plus mono black 
Kit easy Protect – with the durable Sunmodule Protect 
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