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SMA Inverter 

SolarWorld makes good use of the longstanding experience of SMA, the German market leader with respect to efficiency, durability, cost effectiveness and service. 
SolarWorld solar power systems are optimally enhanced by SMA inverters. The SMA inverters are a perfect fit for SolarWorld’s definition of quality. 
Whether it’s a 1kWp installation or large systems with several hundred kWp – a wide range of products guarantees the right inverter for each SolarWorld solar power system regardless of size or type. SMA inverters always offer a cost effective and reliable solution. 

Sunplug Eco Inverter 

The installation of Sunplug is quick and easy. The inverter is simply attached to the pre-mounted wall bracket and clicked into place. A guided menu helps you to commission the inverter in just a few steps. Sunplug is a lightweight unit weighing less than 10 kg, which simplifies the handling. 
Sunplug convinces with its peak efficiency of 98.6% and start operating at very low irradiation levels. The MPPtracker always maximises efficiency regardless of the systems voltage, enabling flexible designs of 5 to 16 modules. Integrated shadow management adapts the inverter to current conditions and always finds the best operating point, thus ensuring maximum power yields. 
Sunplug is a lightweight unit weighing less than 10 kg, which simplifies transport to the installation site. The inverters have an integrated data logger with a direct connection to the free-of-charge Suntrol Portal. The Suntrol Portal gives your customers an overview of the performance data of their solar system at any time. 
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