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D & J Roofing & Solar in Kent & London use SolarCentury products for Quality & Reliability. 

Why is solar energy the right choice for you? 

Let us explain why is solar energy the right choice for you: 
The sun is a constant, meaning it will shine for more than another 4 billion years, providing us with all our solar energy, free of charge. 
The actual energy we get from the sun, which warms the earth each day, exceeds our needs 10,000 to 15,000-fold. 
The sun doesn't introduce CO₂ into our atmosphere, this actually helps to protect our environment in two ways. 
By having Solar power systems, it reduce our dependence on suppliers of conventional fuels, like Oil & gas, this in turn reduces our exposure to the associated costs. 
Solar powered energy is the only form of energy which can be produced locally anywhere in the world. 
Energy losses are negligible as a result of the minimal transport distances, which leads to significant cost savings. 
The sun is not controlled by international companies or authoritarian governments. 
Energy from the sun does not cause harm to our environment 

Why do we use SolarCentury solar energy products? 
Apart from being the best looking Solar Panels you can Buy! 

Why do we use Solarcentury Solar Panel products?  
One reason is they really are the best looking Solar Panels on the market when fitted, the other reason is because SolarCentury is one of the world’s most trusted, respected and long-standing solar companies to date. 
SolarCentury was founded in 1998, and have been a part of the evolution that has made PV the attractive investment it is today.  
SolarCentury have helped D & J Roofing & Solar put solar panels on more types of roofs and sites than any other company. 
SolarCentury have won multiple awards for product innovation since 1998. 
SolarCentury also state that they are in it for the long-haul. They say that this isn’t just their business, it’s their mission.  
Their commitment to making solar energy accessible, is deep-rooted and long-term, and their now solidly-established business is growing steadily worldwide. 
So when you choose D & J Roofing & Solar and Solarcentury products, you know you’re in the very best of hands possible. 

D & J Roofing & Solar in London & Kent along with their clients agree: 
The benefits of using energy from the sun is "As clear as Day." 

The C21e is Subtle, elegant and brilliantly effective.  
The C21e solar tiles and slates have literally taken the world by storm.  
The product itself has won dozens of awards and has led to setting an industry standard, now powering thousands of homes for free. 

The advantages to using SolarCentury's C21e solar slate/ tile? 

The C21e is a great-looking solar panel, and it integrates seamlessly with most new and existing roofs. 
The C21e really is highly compatible – intergrating with a huge range of roof tiles and slates. 
Economical – the C21e design gives you far more solar on your roof, for maximum output possible. 
The C21e is extremely durable – with full wind, fire and weather testing, an amazing 25-year power warranty and 10-year performance guarantee. 
The C21e is truly respected, it is the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Excellence in Innovation, It also received the Ecobuild Best Building Product, along with the Sunday Times R&D Award and many more. 
The C21 is quick and easy to install, infact it installs ‘straight from the box’ using traditional roofing methods. 
The C21 is perfect for new builds and most re-roofing projects, also, you can be reassured that D & J Roofing & Solar will support you at every step, with expert advice as your choice for an experienced installer. 

D & J Roofing & Solar in London & Kent agree: 
Solar energy truly has no disadvantages

Remember! No fuel or electricity grids are required to use solar energy, which makes it perfect for mostly private, local, environmentally-friendly and fair supply of electricity, available to anyone, anywhere in the world.  
Germany is home to many of the experts in this key technology for the future. 
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