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SolarWorld Special Insurance 

In cooperation with the ERGO Insurance Group, SolarWorld offers a comprehensive, free insurance package for its solar power construction kits. This special insurance* is an integral part of SolarWorld kits if the system owner wishes. It is a combined insurance covering all risks, breakdown, minimum yield and construction risks and offering maximum protection for the system operator's investment. Typical risks such as fire, storm, theft and electrical surges are covered by the all-risks insurance, for instance. If the solar power system is unable to feed electricity due to physical damage, the business interruption insurance covers revenues lost on power feed-in for the duration of the breakdown. Insurance coverage is provided free of charge for two years. The customer has the option to extend the period to five years on paying a favourably priced renewal premium. Once the insurance term comes to an end, the insurance policy expires without a separate notice of termination. 
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