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The Solar Battery is the perfect solution to utilise your self-generated Solar Power. Why not store your generated electricity and use  
it as and when you require it. 

As the Battery Storage solution is connected to the internet you are able to accsess in the depth system information including  
system performance, self use detail, solar gains and current battery status. The Battery Storage system can be updated remotley meaning your system will always be up to date. 
A high percentege of Solar-powered properties are losing out from their generation and that's because a lot of the time there is too 
much power being created from their systems when they can't use it.  
The result is that all this unused power is being sent sent back to the gird effectively for free as you are get paid on assumed export, unless you have an export meter fitted. This technology is an ideal partner fo ALL Solar Panel systems, whether your system uses a 
String inverter, SolarEdge or Micro inverters, the Powervault will help you maximise and harness a greater percentage fo your systems power generation. 
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