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Solar Products 

D & J Roofing & Solar based in London & Kent use 2 Manufacturers of Solar panels  
for true Quality & Reliability. 

SolarWorld Products used by D & J Roofing & Solar 

SolarWorld Solar Panels 

SolarWorld Products have been one of D & J Roofing & Solar's prefered choices of Solar Products for many years now. 
In a very short period period of time, Dave from D& J Roofing and Solar witnessed SolarWorld AG rapidly grow from a mere wholesale company to a reputable solar provider. 
Providing everything from raw materials to solar wafers, solar cells, solar modules right up to high-quality turnkey solar power plants. 
SolarWorld as a company today, benefits from the fact that it pioneered the full solar value chain system:  
All of SolarWorld's factories are modern and equiped for all phases of production to provide a full service to the solar markets needs. 
SolarWorld also insists on driving solar power technology development at all levels, in it's own in-house facilities. 

SolarWorld. Top-rated-and for good reason 

OKO- Test rated "excellent" 
TUV power controlled 
10 year product workmanship guarantee 
25 year linear performance guarantee 
30 years of production experience 
Why does D & J Roofing and Solar choose Solarcentury?  
Well, to put it simply, because they’re one of the world’s most trusted, respected and long-standing solar panel production companies on the market today. 
In fact, Solarcentury have been around since the early days of when the solar industry first began. 
Solarcentury was founded in 1998, and have been part of the evolution that has made Solar Power the attractive investment it actually is today.  
Solarcentury have helped D & J Roofing & Solar put solar panels on more types of roofs and sites than any other company. 
Solarcentury have won multiple awards for product innovation since 1998. 
Solarcentury also state that they are in it for the long-haul. They say that this isn’t just their business, it’s their mission. 
Their commitment to making solar energy accessible, is deep-rooted and long-term, and their now solidly-established business is growing steadily worldwide. 

SolarCentury Solar Panels 

C21e Slates integrated into a plain tile roof. 
Get paid for generating electricity 
Now is the best time to go solar, 
A typical 3 bedroom house can earn round £400 a year generating and exporting its own solar electricity (based on a 3kwp system) 
Please cick here to find out more! 
Solarcentury's C21e range has achieved certification to MCS012 ahead of the March 2014 deadline. 
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