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Algae Biofuel Could Replace Oil

How can the world find sustainable, environmentally-friendly sources of biofuel without compromising the food supply? The answer might be found in algae oil farms. Scientists around the globe are searching for renewable, sustainable forms of bioenergy to meet consumer demands and replace fossil fuels, and one unlikely candidate keeps coming to their attention time and again: algae. Usually the bane of fish tanks and ponds, algae produces fatty oils that…

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Hemp Fuel For a Better World

Hemp cultivation could potentially produce enough biofuel to replace fossil fuels, easing pollution and global warming problems. Here’s a fun fact for the next time you ask yourself where all your money goes: 80 percent of your living expenses cover energy costs - from the fuel we use when we drive, to the food we cook and eat, and the temperature that makes us comfortable. That’s roughly 33 of your…

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